Research & Development

Research & Development


Within A-NSE, innovation is a core value, particularly in its Research Department. Thanks to reliable and sophisticated tools, the specialized engineers continually innovate particularly about the optimization of aerodynamic shape.

To design and develop innovations, A-NSE has adapted numerical simulation tools and means of experimental tests.


Developed by ONERA and used by Airbus and Airbus Helicopters , Elsa is the numerical simulation tool chosen by A-NSE . This software is both recognized in the field of academic research and in the industrial field. It allows :

• Accurate simulations of aerodynamic flows ( RANS , LES, DES methods)

• Taking into account realistic complex flows ( separated flows , laminar – turbulent transition , unsteady flows ) .

• The use of chimera structured mesh strategies, which allows a modular use of meshes and thus a fast overall results restitution.

For 3D modeling, A-NSE uses sharp design software to meet the technical requirements set and achieve virtual models of its innovative concepts.

Finally, A-NSE develops its own codes of flight dynamics for captives and airships in order to conceive and size in the most efficient way. With these predictive tools, engineers can test A-NSE ongoing projects, so as to remain pioneers in innovation.


Digital tools have value if they correctly reproduce the observed physical effects during test campaigns. A-NSE proceeds to wind tunnel tests, which are conducted to test concepts and innovations, upstream of the prototype including these new technologies.

A-NSE has also developed instrumentation means during its flight tests. The collected data are used to validate the model and enhance databases. The increased experience of the unit research ensures the development of future innovations in A-NSE company.