Our offer

Tailored Solutions: Purchase, Dry Lease, Wet Lease, Turnkey Services

Because every mission is different, A-NSE provides flexibility to its customers:

• Provision of the aerostat

• Provision and integration of on-board equipment (radar, AIS, cameras, data transmission system, etc.)

• In-service support (MCO) of the aerostat and on-board equipment.

• Data provision and analysis

A-NSE currently offers different types of systems :

  • T-C60 S system
  • T-C60 M system
  • T-C60 L system
  • T-C350 L system
  • Stratospheric Balloon system
  • Airship A.N20.000
  • e-vtol: e-Lium

These surveillance systems all have a long range and a low operating cost.