Our values

A-NSE is governed by a set of fundamental values which form the cornerstone of our company and guide our day-to-day conduct. These values embody our commitment to building lasting relations with all of our contacts, both civilian and military.


A real force for growth, innovation is at the heart of our company culture. In order to be able to offer the best services and give our customers a real competitive advantage we encourage our employees to show their talent and their creativity, we favour initiatives and new ideas.

Respect for individuals

Respect for individuals is at the heart of our Human Resources policy and inspires the day-to-day conduct of all of our employees. We act with integrity and encourage positive relations, and simple, clear, honest, transparent communication with all of our contacts.
We encourage the sharing of experiences and the close collaboration of individuals from diverse functions and professions to create a source of constant enrichment and progress.


An essential obligation is to abide by our commitments to all partners who place their trust in us. We are committed to providing professional, appropriate, rapid answers, according to the expectations of our customers and market changes.
We bring personal commitment, enthusiasm and loyalty to our assignments.


We constantly aim for the highest performance and make it a point of principle to develop a culture of excellence within our company. We set ourselves ambitious goals and consider ourselves responsible for our actions and our decisions.
We adapt our resources and our skills to our customers’ expectations to provide them with reliable and effective tools.