Our expertise

A-NSE is a French company specialising in the design, manufacture and operation of airborne surveillance systems. The company’s registered office, its flight test center and its production center are located in Le Castellet. A-NSE has two main areas of activity :


The Engineering Department designs the technology to improve the performance and optimise the use of current aerostats. The engineering department is also responsible for the architecture and integration of the surveillance systems to be installed on board. The Production and Certification Department includes experts in several production techniques such as cutting and welding laminated products, and the use of Kevlar carbon composite. The A-NSE production process complies with the European aeronautical standards (EASA) defined by the methods department in order to obtain approval for production.

The company also provides experts in making its solutions smart integrated systems, adapted to its customers’ needs. A-NSE does not only provide an installation, but a full integration of every system delivered. Our solutions offer an integration of all the on-site security and sensors systems, images processing, 3D mapping and threat detection softwares making the whole system a real-time decision support tool.


Pilots and technicians from the company’s Operations Department are made available to A-NSE’s customers to operate the surveillance systems. The Training School set up by A-NSE means it can offer its customers training sessions for the operation of moored balloons and airships. The In-service support team, consisting of technicians, provides system maintenance.